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H2O Original offers trips to the most popular diving sites in the Gulf of Thailand. Because of our unique speed boat service, we are able to offer trips to other lesser known, but no less spectacular dive sites like:


Sail Rock

Good for all levels

Widely known as the best site in the Gulf, this local treasure is famous for whaleshark sightings! Whether you see these gentle giants or not, you will be amazed at the amount of marine life found here daily. Barracuda, large schools of silver travelly , giant moray eels, colourful corals... the list goes on! The unique pinnacle rises out of the sea, and most of the marine life is found quite shallow. This means long exciting dives for everyone, no matter how experienced you are. A trip to Sail Rock with H2O is like no other; departing at 12:30pm straight from Thong Nai Pan Beach, we journey approximately 25 minutes to arrive at the site just as all the busy boats from the morning are packing up to leave, giving us exclusive access. Most days we are the only boat onsite, allowing our divers to experience Sail Rock to the fullest. For this trip, we take a maximum of 10 divers per day, so it will never feel crowded!


Koh Tao

Good for all levels

Famous for the amount of sites in close proximity to this little island, Koh Tao offers colourful sites like Shark Island, Ao Leuk, Tanote Bay, Mango Bay, White Rock and more. Here we have shallow reef sites, ranging from 8 meters to 18+, which host a wide variety of beautiful creatures including blue spotted stingrays, blacktip reef sharks, turtles, puffer fish, butterfly fish, unicorn fish, bat fish, banner fish, angel fish, grouper, and colourful hard and soft corals. A favourite for beginners, this site is only 50 minutes away and H2O take you there in the mid-day window when all the busy Koh Tao boats are back
on land for lunch. Remember, we take you to see fish, not people ;-) We take snorkelers along when we visit Koh Tao as the conditions are shallow, sheltered, and appropriate for snorkelers of all ages and levels.


Ang Thong

Good for all levels

This site, although only in season for a short time of year, is spectacular. If you are lucky enough to be here when it is in peak season, you’ll see a stunning diversity of marine life within this national park. An hours journey by speedboat, we visit the two northernmost islands where you’ll find pristine coral reefs, exciting island swim-throughs, lion fish, cuttlefish, turtles, blacktip reef sharks, banded sea snakes, blue spotted stingrays, clouds of fusilier, all the colourful reef fish found in the Gulf, and at a shallow depth, accessible to beginners and experienced alike. With a maximum depth of 16 meters, these are sites you will remember forever. We take snorkelers along when we visit Ang Thong Marine Park as the conditions are shallow, easy, yet thrilling and filled with life.


Koh Ma

Good for all levels

Koh Phangan’s local coral reef is located on the northwest of the island and is in season for only a short time during the first quarter of the year. These shallow sites are fantastic for snorkelers, fun divers, and students discovering the underwater world. Often found here are families of clownfish, blue spotted stingrays, huge schools of fusilier, giant potato grouper, cuttle fish, stone fish, a wide array of colourful reef fish, Spanish dancers, turtles, fan corals, a stunning selection of nudibranchs, shrimp, and more!


HTMS Sattakut Wreck

Good for Experienced Divers

A Royal Thai Navy destroyer, the HTMS Sattakut was cleaned and stripped of all hazardous materials before the Thai Navy performed a controlled sinking in the spring of 2011. The stern lies at a maximum depth of 28 meters, with the bow at 26, and the bridge rising to 18 meters. Forty-nine meters in length, HTMS Sattakut hosts two canon guns (at 20 meters), under which offer penetration points leading down a set of stairs and into the front cabin and into the big room in the heart of this beautiful wreck. Through the many port holes, you are likely to see giant grouper, snapper, butterfly fish, sweetlips, and Jenkins Whiprays and blue spotted stingrays are often spotted not far away at the sandy bottom just west of the ship.


Southwest Pinnacle

Good for Experienced Divers

Widely regarded as one of the Gulf’s premier dive sites, Southwest is comprised of seven pinnacles that form a beautiful underwater mountain range, with the largest peak rising to 5 meters of depth. Here, you have another chance to see whalesharks, however commonly seen are barracuda, white-eyed moray eels, giant grouper, blue spotted stingrays, cobias, cleaner shrimp, boxer shrimp, king mackerel, trevally, tuna, a wide variety of colourful reef fish, and more!


Chumphon Pinnacle

Good for Experienced Divers

Second only to the most famous Sail Rock, Chumphon Pinnacle is a more advanced site northwest of Koh Tao hosting one main granite pinnacle with a series of smaller pinnacles, rising to a maximum of 14 meters from the surface. Commonly seen are pink anemone fish, scorpion fish, giant grouper, barracuda, silver travelly, mackerel, cobias, remoras, bat fish, butterfly fish, banner fish, angel fish, fusilier, porcupine puffer fish, the list goes on! Don’t forget, Chumphon is also a very popular place for whalesharks to visit!


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