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Our Boat

Our 38-foot twin engine speedboat is professionally set-up for diving and powered by two Yamaha 250 horsepower engines. Registered and insured up to European safety standards for 25 people, we take a maximum of 12 divers per day (or 7 divers and 7 snorkelers when combined dive/snorkel trips) to ensure comfort and space for our guests. With the covered “wet” area at the back and seating for 16, you can choose to sit by your kit or enjoy the wind blowing through your hair at the open front of the speedboat where 12 can comfortably relax.


Fun Diving

With more options for certified divers than any other school on Koh Phangan, H2O take great care with our guests to show them the amazing marine life found in the Gulf of Thailand. Whether you are an experienced diver, recently certified, or a diver who has been out of the water a while, we keep our groups small to ensure a personalized service, grouping our certified divers based on experience as best we can. With a maximum of four certified divers to one of our experienced PADI instructors, our aim is to guide you safely around our beautiful sites and highlight all they have to offer.


PADI Refresh

For divers feeling a little rusty, we provide a full PADI Refresh prior to departure to ensure you are confident and ready to get back out there. After a full briefing, we head onto the speedboat to review equipment set-up before jumping into the shallow water off the beach in Thong Nai Pan to practice basic skills and communication. This check dive refreshes, prepares, and relaxes you, which means you will enjoy your dives more, feel safer, and have everything fresh in your mind before departure. Completing your PADI Refresh off the beach also means you don’t waste precious dive time at the site looking at your instructor when you could be looking at fish (not that our instructors aren’t nice to look at!).


So Many Options!

For certified divers, H2O offer two-dive trips to Sail Rock, Ang Thong Marine Park, Koh Ma, a variety of sites surrounding Koh Tao including Shark Island, Ao Leuk, Red Rock, Mango Bay, and White Rock. In addition, we offer a special three-dive trip for certified divers only, incorporating three of Sattakut Wreck, Southwest Pinnacle, Chumphon Pinnacle, Sanran Pinnacle, and Sail Rock. Another popular trip is H2O’s Wake-up Dive, a one-dive trip departing early morning to arrive at the site before anyone else, “waking it up” after a night being undisturbed. In this dive, we often catch predatory behavior, and are the first to catch the whalesharks before the masses arrive. Our Wake-up Dive is available to Sail Rock and Sanran Pinnacle and has divers back on the beach by 10am for breakfast!


Snorkel Trips

If you prefer to stay on the surface, H2O offers the best snorkel program on the island. Leaving Koh Phangan’s reef to our local longtail partners, we choose sites further afield such as Koh Tao’s Ao Leuk, Shark Island, Mango Bay, and Japanese Gardens and Ang Thong Marine Park’s most remote reefs for our snorkeling guests. After a comprehensive safety briefing from one of our professionals, guests can relax and enjoy the wonders of our underwater world from where they’re most comfortable, on the surface under the close supervision of H2O’s Snorkelmaster.


Ang Thong Marine Park Sightseeing Tour

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a pristine archipelago of 42 islands, featuring dramatic limestone mountains, thick jungle, secluded powdery beaches, waterfalls, and hidden coves. The Park is home to colourful rainforest birds, crab- eating monkeys, iguanas, dolphins, whales, turtles, pythons, and more. Known for its exotic beauty, Ang Thong Marine Park is comprised of uninhabited & undeveloped islets and is famous for inspiring Alex Garland’s novel, “The Beach”.


With a maximum of 18 guests aboard our speedboat, H2O take you to see Ang Thong Marine Park at its most breath-taking – peaceful, without the crowds. Departing straight from Thong Nai Pan beach at an earlier hour than all the big tour boats, we see the famous beaches, cruise through the aquamarine waters, climb to the hidden Emerald Lake, and experience Ang Thong like no one else.


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